Nunsmere Hall Wedding Photographer

Beautiful Outdoor Wedding in the heart of Cheshire's Delamere Forest

Nunsmere Hall Wedding Photographer

As a Nunsmere Hall Wedding Photographer I decided I would write a blog about the venue and a recent wedding I photographed there. Nunsmere is a large Victorian/Edwardian Stately Home in mid Cheshire.  It is an ideal wedding venue in true Downton Abbey style.  It is set in large grounds and surrounded by Delamere Forest and on three sides by a lake.  It was the home of Sir Auberry Brockelbank who was chairman of the shipping line of the same name.  He later went on to design the Cunard Liner RMS Queen Mary, which is now residing in Longbeach California.  During WW2 the house became a temporary hospital.  Many famous people have stayed at the hall over the years, Margret Thatcher being one of them after she ceased being PM.

Wedding Venue in the Delamere Forest

The hall and grounds are an absolute Nunsmere Wedding Photographers dream; there are a number of areas around the grounds which are perfect for some stunning imagery.  With several different types of back drops to choose from.  There are formal gardens, oriental styles, lakeside views, formal tree lined walks to name but a few.  From a photography point of view this is one seriously excellent venue.

If the outside views are stunning, then the inside of the hall is just as magnificent.  Superb rooms that would enhance any wedding or celebration.  There is a large marquee directly connected to the hall in which larger wedding receptions can take place.  In keeping with the rest of the hall, this is not just the usual marquee you see in at most venues but a permanent fixture with solid glass walls, well equipped with bars and venue lighting.

Katie and Tony, chose to have their wedding at Nunsmere and picked myself as their Nunsmere Wedding Photographer and as it was fine weather, they chose to have an outdoor wedding ceremony.  With plenty of room for all the guests and great lighting the ceremony images looked fabulous.

 The flowers were blooming and the sun was shining so I used an array of softboxes, reflectors and light stands to ensure the images looked as dramatic and perfect as the venue itself.

Cheshire Wedding Photography

The contrast between the plant life and the newly weds suits and wedding dress, just highlighted the splendid look and feel of the day.  After the outdoor pictures were taken everyone made their way to the marquee for the reception and some dancing.  The food from one of Nunsmere’s award winning kitchens was just as high a quality as everything else that day.  The dance floor’s star lit ceiling made everything perfect for the and and first dance images. Mark Roberts the Magician was on hand to entertain the guests and happy couple which also allowed for some fantastic reaction photographs showing the astonishment of the guests!

I was delighted that Katie and Tony chose myself to be their Nunsmere Wedding Photographer and I am looking forward to working at the venue again soon!

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