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I’m a lifestyle wedding photographer based in Lancashire. As a Southport Wedding Photographer I love working at all of the beautiful historic wedding venues we have across the Merseyside and Lancashire counties. What’s my approach to weddings?  You will find me wandering around with your wedding guests capturing their natural emotions and actions. Long gone are the days you will here cheese, sausages or smelly socks from a professional photographer. I believe every single wedding is so very different, although the format of most weddings follows traditional timings I want YOU to look at YOUR images and remember exactly how you felt marrying your best friend, how nervous you felt before you walked down the aisle, how many tissues your mum used during the ceremony.

There’s more to lifestyle wedding photography than just capturing you and your guests enjoying the day – It’s all about you! I’m going to also whisk you newlyweds away for a short time. My style is to find nice light (Or use my own lighting!) and creative angles to create some awesome and dramatic portraits that you will love and most certainly want to hang on your wall! 

Having been a photographer for 10 years and a full time professional for 5 years, I have visited lots of wedding venues in the local area and across the UK. I am proud to be recommended & featured by many local venues, newspapers and magazines.


My lifestyle lives and breathes photography!

I love my job! I could not think of a job I would rather be doing but I’d be lying if I told you I always carried my camera. I don’t but that doesn’t stop me looking at the way the way the nice light falls, the great perspective and angles along with the interesting shadows and wishing I had my camera with me. The thing I love most is that I get to meet the most amazing people and build up fantastic friendships. The best part is traveling around the country and creating photographs that will be talked about for years to come and handed down through the generations.

Southport Award Winning Photographer

"I am proud to have picked up 2 national awards for my photography over the years. Both were given to me based on composition, the image content and the final processing to perfect the images."


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